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LedyBag and Super Cat - It`s Lady Bag

Искать: LedyBag and Super Cat - It`s Lady Bag

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Длительность: 02:01
Скачали: 311
Жанр: Other
Формат: mp3
Размер: 1.85 MB

Текст песни:

I live a life
It's full of fun
It kiss me sharp
And turn around
When evil comes
I find the way
To use my force
And save tha day.

oh oh oh
Life's got me spinning round
oh oh oh
Got feet off the ground
oh oh oh
And when the sun goes down
You better hang around

It's LadyBug
Jumping above
Power is on
When things go wrong
It's LadyBug
The lucky clarm
Magic is on
Oh, we're so strong

They look at me
And think I'm cool
I'm CatNoir
At night I rule
My ring is chared
With energy
My claws are out
Just watch and see

oh oh oh
Oh no, you'll never know
oh oh oh
My force will only grow
oh oh oh
And when the moon is out
You better hang around

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